• Reuven Gorsht

    Reuven Gorsht

    Corporate exec turned entrepreneur. Raising a family, growing a team.

  • M. Juan

    M. Juan

    inritus of vita.. Can't write enough to save my life, much to read, so much beauty to photograph down.

  • Joshua Levy

    Joshua Levy

    Scaling systems and teams.

  • Ian Lipner

    Ian Lipner

    VP for @lewisprus. I bend technology markets with my mind. Following may help you lead.

  • Karl R

    Karl R

    Research engineer at https://fcav.engin.umich.edu within @UMRobotics. Previous: @food52, http://realtimefarms.com , google/android

  • Nilan


    VP Growth @TransferWise Product, marketing, people and tequila

  • Lars Martin Bredal

    Lars Martin Bredal

    [no] && [en]. Business Intelligence, SharePoint, programming and random rants.

  • ts


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