Today we’re announcing Noms. But more importantly: our mascot, “Nommy”, the snacky otter.

In 2013, I discovered Camlistore and began feverishly hacking on it. I really loved the vision: a personal, automatically-organized archive of all your data, forever. …

In March 2011, I drafted an article explaining how the team responsible for Google Chrome ships software. Then I promptly forgot about it.

I stumbled across the draft a few days ago. Though it is now somewhat outdated (e.g., …

I didn’t want to go to Maui.

I pictured hotel packages, annoying tourists, condoplexes, and Hard Rock Cafes. I tried to get my wife to consider alternatives like Croatia, Greece, Central America, or New Zealand. But they were all too far away, too hot, too dirty, or had other downsides…

Aaron Boodman

Programmer, troublemaker, dad.

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